Some of the Author's Personal Anecdotes

Some personal anecdotes from the author's RAF service which do not fit in any other specific section but may be of interest or amusement to the reader and would otherwise go untold or be forgotten.  Consider it like a behind the scenes feature (or a "Blooper's Reel" in some cases!) which reveals the more personal/human side of RAF life in Malaya - Like the night a Malayan Tiger jumped through the window and walked the length of the sleeping quarters for instance! 

It will also relate the, at least half a dozen, instances during his service in the RAF, right from when he started basic training, when Terry must have had a Guardian Angel looking after him as, if fate hadn't stepped in, he was due to be on aircraft that subsequently crashed, unfortunately with no survivors.  Perhaps this also explains how he still managed to survive despite holding the record for the highest number of operational airstrikes flown in the deadly Brigands in Malaya (218) and even having flown in a Brigand all the way from Malaya back to Abingdon in England ready for the Brigand to be tested at Farnborough to try to get to the bottom of the multiple failures/crashes.


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